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B.S.P. Screwed Male Thread withBrass working partsTested : 21kg/cm(300lbs.)Size15mm20mm25mm..
S.G.I/CF-8/CF8M Disc.Stem S.S. 410.Integrally Molded Liner. of Nitrile or EPDM.Rating PN1.0/PN1.6As per IS: 13095.Lever Operated.Size40mm50mm65mm80mm100m125mm150mm200mm250mm300mm..
ISI MARKED HOT GALAVANISED MALLEABLE IRON PIPE FITTINGSSize15mm20mm25mm32mm40mm50mm65mm80mm100mm125mm150mm..
Is: 778/1984 Class-1Non Rising Stem Screwed Female Ends (BSP)Hyd. Tested to 1.5 Mpa.Duly ISI MarkedSize15mm20mm25mm32mm40mm50mm65mm80mm100mm..
B.S.P. ScrewedMale Thread WithBrass Working partsTested:= 21kg/cm (300lbs.)Size15mm20mm25mm..
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