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Trident Series

Art No- 501Bib Cock Long BodySize- 15mm..
Art No- 502Bib Cock Short BodySize- 15mm..
Art No- 503Nozzle CockSize- 15mm..
Art No- 504Stop Cock Male/Female EndsSize- 15mm          20mm..
Art No- 505Swan Neck Left/Right Hand OperatingSize- 15mm..
Art No- 506Center Hole Basin MixerSize-15mm..
Art No- 507Pillar Cock Rocket TypeSize- 15mm..
Art No- 508Medium Concealed Stop Cock With FlangeSize- 15mm          20mm..
Art No- 509Flush Cock With FlangeSize- 25mm..
Art No- 510Angle ValveSize- 15mm..
Art No- 511Bib Cock 2 Way With FlangeSize- 15mm..
Art No- 512Angle Valve 2 Way Cock With FlangeSize- 15mm..
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