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Art No- 609Flush Cock With FlangeSize- 25mm..
ISI MARKED GALAVANISED IRON PIPE FITTINGS Size15mm20mm25mm32mm40mm50mm65mm80mm100mm..
Regular MediumNon Rising StemScrewed Female Ends (BSP)Hyd. Tested to 300 Lbs.Size15mm20mm25mm32mm40mm50mm65mm80mm..
Art No- 110ANGLE VALVE 2 WAYWith FlangeSize- 15mm..
Art No- 210Angle Valve 2 WayWith FlangeSize- 15mm..
Art No- 310Angle Valve 2 Way With FlangeSize- 15mm..
Art No- 410Angle ValveSize- 15mm..
Art No- 510Angle ValveSize- 15mm..
Art No- 610Angle ValveSize- 15mm..
ISI MARKED GALAVANISED IRON PIPE FITTINGS Size15mm20mm25mm32mm40mm50mm65mm80mm100mm125mm150mm..
(Export Quality)Hyd. Tested to 300 IBS.With Steel RoadSize15mm20mm25mm32mm40mm50mm..
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